a tribe called Connect Holland

Working at a digital tech company because it
puts your personal development into high gear?

Welcome to the tribe we call Connect Holland. The space for experimenting, personal development and a whole lot of fun. And with a professional basis that allows everyone to shine. It’s with good reason that we are among the Netherlands’ top five agencies, working from four locations: Rotterdam (HQ), Amsterdam, Utrecht and Heerlen.

Team work: more than just your colleagues

At our organisation, you will find a wide variety of clients. From governments and corporate to social. In multidisciplinary teams, you will be working with these clients on accelerating their digital transformation. You will learn much from our senior team members and projects remain the responsibility of a single team for a longer period. Good for a sense of stability

We always write code as a team, following the dual control principle. This means we monitor each other’s work carefully and continue to improve. And the level is above average already. It is no surprise that our developers are regularly asked by industry to assist and we participate in external hackatons. In short, we are not the right organisation if you are interested in WordPress sites ;-).

Your development is one of our priorities
We spend an average of 20% of our time each year learning and innovating. For example, we are currently experimenting with voice, we are building offers projects with AI/ML and we are establishing our own data science team.

With our friends from Appetite and RauwCC, we are working on nifty apps based on Augmented Reality. We share our knowledge during biweekly demos and our monthly Connext drinks gathering. If we haven’t been clear enough already: learning is a key priority at our company. This is why we also attend the well-known conferences and you will be permitted to take training courses paid for by your own development budget.

We always eat lunch together. Every day our cook Alex prepares an extensive and healthy lunch. We organise several excursions and drinks evenings and we will offer you a subscription to the company gym.

Extra note for code-lovers:

Not completely convinced? Perhaps this will help pull across the line. At Connect Holland, we really work on object-oriented programming. Mostly with the Symfony framework. Our workflow is super streamlined. After one of your colleagues has checked your pull request, this will provide you with a tested Docker Image in the CI/CD street of your git-tag that we will then automatically roll out as actual DevSecOpsers on our cloud hosting. Fast, faultless and secure! Still with us? Excellent. Our dev stack also contains tools like Docker, Git(Hub), PhpStorm, Scrutinizer and MySQL.

So does that mean working for us is only challenging as back-end developer? You bet it isn’t! Our top-of-the-line front-enders are immersed every day in the latest products in the area of Progressive Web Apps, Angular, Vue and React.

Join the tribe

Would you like to join our tribe? Would you like to come by one time and experience for yourself what it’s like to work here? Well, that’s possible! Get in touch to make an appointment. 

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